thumb|300px|right Spilled Milk! is a Non-Themed Brickfilm about a man trying to win a prize at a carnival game, created by Youtube user Eanimation.


It begins at a carnival where there are lots of games. Then it shows a barker at a game called "Spill the Milk."

The Barker then sees a man walking past and invites him over. The man agrees to play the game and pays $1. The Barker tells the man that he has 3 balls, 3 chances, to try and knock over the milk bottles. Then he hands the man his first ball. The man throws it.

The ball hits the bottles, but bounces off and hits the man in his face. The Barker hands the man his second ball. The man throws it and hits the top bottle. The bottle starts rocking back and forth, only to go back to its proper position.

The Barker finally hands the man his last ball, which is glowing. The Barker sees this and says: "Wait. That's the Chosen Ball!", a joke from an Anime TV show. The man throws the Chosen Ball, but as soon as it hits the cans, it causes a massive explosion. The explosion destroys the whole park, except for the "Spill the Milk" stand.

After the dust settles, the man gets up, and sees that the bottles have not moved. He finds an unattended ball, sees the Barker unconscious, and then decides to throw it. As the ball flys to the bottles, it goes into slow motion while everything else is normal speed. The man sees the Barker getting up and urges the ball to go faster. The ball finally hits the bottles, sending them flying. Overjoyed, the man imagines a Teddy Bear as his prize for winning.

As the Teddy Bear comes closer to him, the bottles come back together again. The teddy bear disappears and is replaced by the Barker, who is looking a the man. The man bangs his head and fists on the stand before he rolls on the ground, crying. The barker asks: "Want to try agian?" Then the man holds up another $1 bill, ending the Brickfilm.