thumb|300px|right LEGO Star Wars: Curiosity Killed the Stormtrooper is a Star Wars Brickflim that is about how 2 Stormtroopers get curios about a mysterous switch.

Plot Edit

In the beginning, Darth Vader is seen brushing his teeth. Then, while on guard duty, a stormtrooper find the switch that starts it all. Making sure that no one sees him, the stormtrooper pulls the switch down. This stops Darth Vader's toothbrush from working. Without knowing the consicences, the stormtrooper walks away. Also on guard duty, a second Stormtrooper walks up to the switch. Turning around, he notices that the switch is down. He then turns it up and leaves. Because of this, Vader's toothbrush starts working again.

As the first Stormtrooper comes back, he sees that the the switch is up again. He turns it down again, causing Vader's toothbrush to again stop. The second turns the switch back up after seeing that the first stormtrooper is the cause of the switch being repedently.

The first comes back, turning the switch back down again. The second comes rushing back, trying to keep it up. The first turns it back down, then the second turns it back up. This becomes a problem as both are contantly trying to leave the switch in their postion. Soon, Darth Vader shows up, mad at both Stormtroopers. Darth Vader then force pushes the Stormtroopers to bonk their helmets together and go flying.